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Digital Dove is an award-winning  filmmaking and video-arts program headquartered at the Los Angeles campus of CHC.  The program began in 2004 as a one-time HBO-sponsored filmmaking workshop for young people interested in the film industry. The outpouring of remarkable, unique stories coupled with the incredible enthusiasm of Covenant House’s residents led HBO and its parent company, Time Warner, to provide a seed grant for the creation of an onsite video-arts program. Built on the philosophy that creativity is a valuable personal and professional asset, Digital Dove now offers year-round classes in video arts and media advocacy, and employment training and sponsorship

More than 350 students have participated in classes, lectures, and field trips, and have together created 55 original films. Digital Dove films have screened at numerous youth film festivals, HBO’s west coast offices, and the Los Angeles Film Festival, as well as LA County training seminars and high schools. Graduates have gone on to train in industry vocational programs, obtain college film degrees, and find full-time employment in the entertainment industry. Digital Dove operates as an independently funded program of Covenant House California.

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6 Journeys: A Digital Dove Web Series

Digital Dove is proud to present their first web series, “6 Journeys.”  The project focuses on six homeless youth who embark on journeys of self discover set in California.  A new film will be released every Wednesday until February 27, 2013.

MORE ABOUT THE PROJECT: Each of these films were made by a student taking part in a Digital Dove video production class at Covenant House California. Students were ages 18-21 and lived at the shelter for some period of time. The class was asked to make a film about a journey - either their own or about someone they knew - and it had to include characteristics of the journey genre: an emphasis on landscape, movement, and self-discovery.  The resulting films were unique to their storyteller, but most shared a common characteristic - the prevalence of institutions. They reflect how these young people learned to navigate foster care, group homes, transitional living programs, juvenile halls, psychiatric treatment facilities and not-for-profit programs.

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