FAQs About Volunteering

About Volunteer Opportunities

How can I help?
Covenant House California provides opportunities to share knowledge, expertise and life experiences with the homeless and at-risk youth that we serve. Volunteers are utilized in many areas throughout the agency to expand our service capabilities. Your participation and involvement can have a tremendous impact on the youth that we serve. We welcome interested individuals and groups who seek meaningful and rewarding experiences and possess a willingness to share their time with those in need. Click on opportunites in Los Angeles or opportunites in Oakland for a full list of opportunities available in your area.
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Who does Covenant House California serve?
Covenant House California serves homeless and runaway youth between the ages of 18 and 24 years of age. They are at risk youth in crisis who are transitioning and working toward independent living.
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What does it take to be a volunteer?
Volunteers at CHC are a very special people. They realize the value of their individual skills and experiences and are willing to share their time and talents with others in need. Volunteering requires generosity of spirit, sense of humor, commitment, flexibility, compassion and empathy.
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What are the qualifications?
For individual volunteers, you must have an open, non-judgemental attitude, an ability to set and maintain firm limits with youth and have good interpersonal and communication skills.
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How do I apply?
Contact the volunteer coordinator in your area.

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How can an organization become involved?
The Covenant Community Partners Program is a way for small and large groups to provide assistance to our youth. We are very flexible and can assist you in developing a project that best fits your interest. Groups may choose to work on our site, assisting with food services to our youth, helping to maintain the facility, or volunteering in our community garden. Groups may also choose to participate offsite, raising money, collection donationa—the options are endless. For more information please contact the volunteer coordinator in your area.
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