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mentoring at Covenant House California

Many homeless youth lack supportive adults in their lives. Covenant House California’s Mentor Program seeks to foster positive relationships between caring adults and youth in our programs. Mentors offer guidance, a listening ear, and an experienced perspective on life. Mentors also help youth set attainable goals, map out plans to achieve those goals, and begin to successfully implement them. The Mentor serves as a role model and sounding board for the youth as he or she moves into independent living and adulthood.


What qualities does CHC look for in a Mentor?
Mentors must exhibit a sense of enthusiasm, commitment and willingness to develop and maintain a long standing relationship with CHC's youth. They must be patient, understanding and be able to listen. They must be at least 27years of age. They must also commit to minimum of six months to develop and maintain a consistent relationship with their mentee. Finally, mentors must complete a screening process and the CHC Mentorship Training Program.
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What are the program's goals?
The Mentor program has a three main goals. (1) To provide CHC youth with positive role models and opportunities to develop interpersonal skills. (2) To enhance the youth’s self-esteem and motivation. (3) To create an atmosphere where youth can develop personal, educational and career goals, improve their work attitudes, and explore opportunities for future employment.
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Who are the youth Mentors work with?
Mentors work with Covenant House California youth who have graduated from our Crisis Shelter and currently live in our Rights of Passage Program (ROP). Typically these youth have been at CHC for 3 to 6 months, and are enrolled in school, working at a job or both.
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How do Mentors and Mentees spend their time together?
Covenant House California asks that Mentors work to meet face to face with their Mentees at least twice a month, and check in via phone or email weekly. Mentors and Mentees meet for coffee, go to Movies, go hiking, or participate in Covenant House sponsored activities. Covenant House California works to match Mentors and Mentees with similar interests and hobbies.
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How do I apply?
Submit an (application) to the volunteer coordinator in your area.

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