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Nikki Sixx and Covenant House California youth
Nikki Sixx and George R. Lozano

Nikki Sixx and "Running Wild in the Night"

Mötley Crüe Bassist Creates Fundraising Initiative for CHC

Mötley Crüe founder and bassist Nikki Sixx knows first-hand what it’s like to have to fend for yourself on the streets, which is why he has launched “Running Wild in the Night,” a fundraising initiative for Covenant House California.

Covenant House California provides services to homeless and runaway youth, including advocacy, health care, education, vocational preparation, drug abuse treatment and prevention programs, legal services, recreation, transitional living programs, street and community outreach and aftercare. “I chose to work with Covenant House California after a lot of research - I saw what they were doing and it was exactly what I had invisioned for helping at-risk kids – I visited the Los Angeles location and was impressed by the whole operation.”

George Lozano, Executive Director of Covenant House California said, “Having someone like Nikki associated with CHC is great – he’s passionate about what he does, he’s passionate about the cause, he can relate to the youth in our program and they can relate to him. He’s a great role model for these kids.” 

“Having experienced life as a runaway myself, I wanted to do something to help kids put in this position through no fault of their own,” said Nikki, who admitted that music was perhaps the single most important factor in saving him from that situation. “I want to raise awareness and funds for Covenant House California and to create a creative arts program, starting with an emphasis on music, to enable CHC to help young people discover and nurture their talents like I did through music”

To that end, Nikki has established “Running Wild in the Night,” to raise funds to support Covenant House California's work in providing services to nearly 8,000 youth last year. More than 80% percent of its donations come from private individuals.

"This cause is obviously near and dear to my heart," said Nikki. "and I'm hoping that my efforts will allow for at least one homeless or runaway kid to achieve what I have in life. There really is no way to know how far the reach of this program can go. A life that we save may end up having a child who cures cancer or AIDS. When I think that way, it makes me really proud to be a part of this program."

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