Our residential program is a three-level system that begins with immediate care and eventually leads to self-sufficient independent living.

Crisis Shelter

Level 1: Crisis Shelter (immediate needs)
With 64 beds in Los Angeles and 18 beds in the Bay Area, the focus of the crisis shelters is on providing immediate needs such as a safe environment, a warm bed, food and clothing. This allows a youth the chance to work with a case manager in creating a case plan that will help move them toward independent living.

Rights of Passage

Level 2: Rights of Passage (transitional living program)
In our transitional living program, a youth takes the initial steps in living independently. To qualify for the program, a youth must be in school or working full-time. If working, they are required to put a portion of their wages into savings. In addition, the transitional living program offers classes for basic life skills such as cooking, banking, money management, health issues and communication. Our Los Angeles campus has 24 beds for this program and the Bay Area has twelve.

Supportive Apartments Program


Level 3: Supportive Apartments Program (moving toward independent living)
Covenant House California has five off-site apartments that house ten youth who are in the final steps of living independently. The youth pay a portion of the rent and bills while still having the “safety net” of CHC. If needed, they are given guidance and support from our staff. (Currently only available in Los Angeles)

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