Statistics on Youth Homelessness

  • There are an estimated 12,000 to 15,000 homeless youth living on L.A. County streets and another 10,000 living in the Bay Area.
  • Of the 1,500 youth who emancipate from the foster care system in Los Angeles and Alameda Counties each year, nearly 50% will be homeless within six months.
  • Homeless and emancipated foster youth experience disproportionately higher rates of unemployment, lower educational attainment, incarceration, dependence on public assistance, substance abuse, non-marital childbirth and other high-risk behaviors.
  • According to the Local Emergency Shelter Strategy for Los Angeles County, there are only 468 beds, or 3% targeted for unaccompanied youth. For Alameda County, our shelter is the only one serving 18-21 year olds.

Covenant House California Statistics

In 2014 CHC...

  • Served hungry kids in both Los Angeles and the Bay Area with more than 140,000 meals. We also provided youth with clothing, crisis intervention services, and the help they need to make positive choices and find better futures.
  • Reached out to kids on the streets nightly through our Outreach Program and offered crisis intervention, counseling, and referral services in more than 8,000 contacts with youth in Hollywood (operating 5 nights a week) and Oakland.
  • Offered youth with nowhere else to turn emergency shelter at our Crisis Shelter. We provided approximately 48,000 nights of care in our crisis shelters.
  • Helped 90 youth develop their action plans to achieve independent living in our transitional living program. Residents stayed in the program an average of six months and 100% improved their daily and independent living skills. 100% of our transitional living program residents were also employed and/or enrolled in school.
  • Offered comprehensive health services to both residential and non-residential youth at our health services center. Services ranged from emergency to routine care in more than 800 physician and nurse visits.
  • Helped more than 370 youth with too few opportunities and limited skills find and secure jobs by offering job readiness and job search assistance through our Employment and Educational Services as well as assisting them with enrollment in educational programs.

Statistics shown reflect services provided during fiscal year 2014 (July 1, 2013 - June 30, 2014).

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