This year is particularly special, as it marks our 30th Anniversary! That’s 30 years of helping young people when they’ve needed it the most. That’s 30 years we’ve kept our arms, hearts, and doors open to thousands of youth. And that’s 30 years that we have fought side by side with the youth we serve for their success.

    This fiscal year end, we are asking you to make an investment in the next 30 years of our mission.

    Your investment today will ensure Covenant House California can continue to grow with the need, offering more safe nights, more food, more stability, more love. It will let a young person know that there are people who care for them and are invested in their success. And most importantly, your gift will have a positive lasting effect on the communities we serve and live in. When those who need help the most succeed, we all succeed together.

    For 30 years, our community has helped young people succeed. Like Denise, who came to the Cov, after a long history of homelessness and neglect. Without a stable home life, it was hard for Denise to ask for help. Trauma has taught her not to feel safe or valued, or to value herself. When she arrived at the Cov, Denise was using substances to cope. But our community surrounded her with love, acceptance and respect.

    We helped Denise make a choice to work hard and set goals.

    Her goal was to become a school counselor to help kids just like herself. Today, Denise has found healthy ways to cope, is a recent graduate, is enjoying living in her own apartment, and comes back often to the Cov to inspire youth just starting their own journey to work hard for what they want to achieve, too.

    Your gift of $30, $300 or $3,000 will help our community today, tomorrow, and many years from now.

    We can impact the lives of young people together!