We know that a young person’s journey to success does not end when they leave Covenant House. Through our Alumni Services program, CHC supports past participants through their journey of independence and self-sufficiency, by maintaining relationships and connection with them. Although our alumni are often now independent, they may still need supportive services, or simply want to remain connected to a community of staff and other young people who care about them. Our Alumni Services include medical and mental health care, life coaching, career services, and regular onsite Alumni gatherings.

    We would love for you to connect with us! Please contact Ms. Lon to learn more.

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    MAKAYLA, 21

    Makayla, a 21-year-old CHC Alumnus, stopped by our Oakland campus to give us an update on her life after the Cov.

    After spending two years in our transitional living program, Makayla felt ready and confident to move into her own place. Her friends, Malik and Tyler, also CHC Alumni, all pooled their resources and successfully moved into an apartment in Oakland. Malik had saved over $9,000 while he lived at CHC and really wanted roommates who were like him—clean, frugal, and “not going to cause a lot of drama.”

    For over a year now, Makayla has worked security at the local hospital and is extremely proud that she’s had a full-time job for so long! She couldn’t wait to brag about how Tyler was holding down a full-time security job in San Francisco, while Malik had finally achieved full-time status at his position at Sprint.

    Makayla then pulled out her phone to show us pictures from their recent trip to celebrate Malik’s birthday. Even though it may have been a “budget” vacation, they still had a blast! As she scrolled through the pictures on her phone, she kept laughing and sharing silly stories about the mini vacation they worked so hard to make a reality. When she got to the end of the pictures, there was a shot of the three of them on the beach. She paused, then smiled wide, and told us that this particular picture is now prominently displayed on a wall in their “family room” because they’ve become a family.

    With tears in her eyes, she thanked our staff for loving her, and accepting and supporting her dreams. Our hearts are overjoyed to see our youth thriving independently and experiencing such happiness!