We know that a young person’s journey to success does not end when they leave Covenant House. Through our Alumni Services program, CHC supports past participants through their journey of independence and self-sufficiency, by maintaining relationships and connection with them. Although our alumni are often now independent, they may still need supportive services, or simply want to remain connected to a community of staff and other young people who care about them. Our Alumni Services include medical and mental health care, life coaching, career services, and regular onsite Alumni gatherings.

    We would love for you to connect with us! Please contact Ms. Lon to learn more.

    We’ve created a private section on our website just for you! Please email Ms. Lon for the password.


    Recently, CHC Alumnus Dale stopped by to visit with our Alumni Coordinator, Ms. Lon Usher. He asked her how he could give back, and generously volunteered to share his story. In Dale’s own words, be inspired by his journey of transformation and giving back.

    “At 19 years old, my Mom kicked me out of the house because I got involved with drugs. She gave me a chance to get it together before ultimately calling me at work to tell me she no longer wanted me home. The next few months consisted of staying in motels, couch surfing and even slept on the streets a few times. I found Covenant House thanks to a friend who told me about PATH. Before the case manager at PATH began my intake, he asked my age and since I was 20, he referred me to Covenant House. I had an emergency bed at Covenant House for approximately 2 weeks before getting a permanent bed.

    Once I was situated at Covenant House – a case plan was created for me, which consisted of AA/NA Meetings, weekly counseling, weekly relapse prevention groups and job search. I found a job working at a movie theatre which I sustained while at Covenant House. As such I excelled at Covenant House, worked my way up the program and culminated into the Supportive Apartment Program. I left Covenant House in mid 2004 and have sustaining a self supporting lifestyle. It was difficult at first! However, with the tools I learned at Covenant House, I eventually got my life on track. I moved in with roommates, then into my own apartment, got a car and overall became a good & productive member of society. Today I work for an Aerospace company as their Quality and Safety Officer. My life has never been more put together than ever before. I have everything that I need, most everything that I want and even have enough to spare and help others in need!”