Just One Year Ago…

    Covenant House California was ACTIVELY serving nearly 5,000 youth a year who were overcoming homelessness across the state in Los Angeles, Oakland, and Berkeley. Simultaneously, there were over 10,000 youth experiencing homelessness, each night in CA, who didn’t have a safe place to sleep. Their need for shelter, sustenance, medical attention, sanctuary, and support did not quell in the midst of social distancing and the shuttering of non-essential businesses; IT DRASTICALLY INCREASED.

    And Today…

    As of February 2021, over 60 frontline staff have been given both doses of the vaccine!

    Additionally, we continue to have weekly testing on our campuses with rates of our youth and staff falling significantly lower than California’s average of 7.61%*. These low rates are a testament to our safety protocols that were put into place last March and continue to be upheld to this day!

    We have not only made it a priority to take care of just our physical health but our mental health too. Our campuses have been filled with celebrations like Black History Month and Day of the Dead.

    Throughout this past year, our youth were resilient in finding new jobs, applying to colleges, and moving into their very first apartments! They patiently stayed on campus during lockdowns and didn’t give up on finding normalcy in a world filled with the unknown.

    Covenant House California is grateful for our brave young people, selfless frontline staff, and dedicated supporters who helped us during this trying year!