The Cov Family can do extraordinary things. Over the past few months, our community has shown that while the rest of the world closes, we open our arms wider to protect vulnerable youth. Today, Covenant House California will join with the rest of the world for #GivingTuesdayNow to show that we will be there for youth experiencing homelessness. 24/7.

    Join us in saving a young person.

    What their days really look like. A note from our Outreach team:

    “Quarantine doesn’t stop trafficking. If anything, it is increasing the demand, and it’s making things more dangerous than ever for our fellow humans stuck in its grips. The last couple of weeks, our team has been heading out to the tracks to give love and resources to those still forced to work on the street selling sex.

    We’ve been going during the daytime hours, and our hearts are broken more than ever. There are no grocery stores, no clinics, no public bathrooms, and no resources for help.

    Our team made new outreach bags this week and added masks and extra hand sanitizer. We believe in their value, and while everyone else is out there taking something from them and putting them at risk, we are trying to find ways to tell them that we see them.

    Their health and well being is just as important as everyone else’s.

    Some of the women won’t come to talk to us. But, each time we said the bags had hand sanitizer and masks, they came to the car with sighs of relief and smiles. Many of them told us we were God-sends and angels, and even though we never said anything about being from a church, they asked us to pray for them.

    GIVE where you can. LOVE when you don’t want to. PRAY even if you think it doesn’t do anything. And BELIEVE that beautiful things will rise from these ashes.”