Covenant House California Is Celebrating Earth Week!

    Our main goal for the week-long event is to raise awareness on local environmental movements, cultivate conscious minds through educational workshops, and inspire our young people to be the change. We will be diving into different topics each day that touch upon sustainability, recycling, food justice, ecosystems, environmental justice, and climate change. We hope that earth week will become the blueprint for environmental consciousness at CHC for years to come. Learn more.

    A huge thank you to those who have partnered with us!

    What We Have Planned

    Monday: The Environmental Justice Panel will be the first event of the week to kickstart our first Earth Week that will be both celebrating our planet and introducing environmental justice to our youth. The panel will highlight the work of community organizers and activists doing work across the city of Los Angeles.

    Tuesday: Clean-up Scavenger Hunt – The Scavenger Hunt will focus on sustainability, recycling, and cleaning up our community. The goal of the scavenger hunt is to visually introduce how pollution impacts our surrounding community and give our young people the opportunity to partake in the environmental movement by cleaning. The first stop will be at Target (Western & De Longpre) and will run all along Western Ave. till Catalina Market.

    Wednesday: It’s time for Fashion, Art & Music (FAM)! FAM will be focusing on bringing awareness through the arts to empower our young people fight for change through expression. The day will begin with CHC residents and Target employees creating earth day art on t-shirts, pots for plants and canvas. To end the day, CHC residents and staff will perform original poetry and celebrate earth week with Jazz.

    Thursday: The Environmental Justice workshop will focus on highlighting a brief history of environmental justice. Furthermore, the workshop will aim to define the term environmental racism and how it impacts predominantly communities of color. The last part of the workshop will focus on creating art as a form of expression to the content received in the first half. The second half of the day will focus on having the young people gardening with Ms. Lon. By gardening outside, we will be practicing mindfulness and meditation.

    Friday: LA River Clean-up – The LA River Clean-Up will focus on introducing the young people to our local ecosystem and how pollution can contribute to the determinant of our environment. We will be teaming up with LA river friends to come together and help heal our earth as a community.

    Click here to download more information. Thank you to Hort | Culture for partnering with our Oakland campus to promote creativity, wellness, + job readiness.

    Give Our Youth The Tools To Help The Environment

    Shop our Amazon Wish List dedicated to all things gardening to help beautify our campus and community. Our young people will be given the opportunity to plant and sustain a garden allowing them a space to be mindful of their true impact on this world.