Why We Need You!

    Covenant House California is ACTIVELY serving nearly 5,000 youth a year who are experiencing homelessness across the state in Los Angeles, Oakland, and Berkeley. Simultaneously, there are over 10,000 youth experiencing homelessness, each night in CA, who don’t have a safe place to sleep. Their need for shelter, sustenance, medical attention, sanctuary, and support has not quelled in the midst of social distancing and the shuttering of non-essential businesses; IT HAS DRASTICALLY INCREASED. Make a secure gift now, of any amount, to help youth experiencing homelessness and human trafficking in California TODAY!

    Where Your Money Is Going:

    + $1,200: Provides a day of care to our whole family – our costs have increased by $1,200/day to safely “shelter at home” with our youth

    + $500: Provides a two week supply of extra masks, gloves, hand sanitizer and necessary hygiene items

    + $250: Provides a medical exam & COVID-19 test for youth

    + $200: Provides one day of increased cleaning supplies & janitorial supports, creating a safe/clean environment for all

    + $100: Provides one night of safe shelter and three hot meals for a homeless youth

    + $50: Provides two clean outfits for a youth when they arrive with nothing but the clothes on their back

    + $35: Feeds a youth for a week – our cafeteria is serving 40% more meals right now

    Your Gift Will Help Us!

    We are seeing massive increases in the number of unhoused young people who are approaching our vans and drop-in center programs across the state. Some of our staff have underlying conditions that could be made worse by exposure to this virus. The staff who are able to work are being paid overtime while we are providing paid sick leave for those who must remain at home and are unable to work frontline activities. We operate four shelters, and three of them are equipped with clinics. Though the clinics do have some COVID-19 tests, and critical medical supplies, there is nowhere near the stock of resources if most of our youth are impacted. Our counselors are working double-time to ensure that youth who are scared are enveloped with love and support and reinforcing their inherent strengths that fuel healthy coping mechanisms – mechanisms that will prevent returns to homelessness. We are not willing to stand by and watch youth who are living in their first apartment, through our Rapid Rehousing program, lose everything as a result of their work stoppage or shortage. As a result, we are paying their rent – or whatever portion of their rent that they cannot afford. A significant majority of our youth had lost their employment, just one week into the pandemic. This has created the need for additional food and staffing costs on our campuses, as well as the need to have increased programming on our sites, to ensure that youth are being constructive, and staying healthy, during this time, where employment prospects are very low for them.

    We will not stop doing this work. Please consider making a gift today!