Our Success Stories

What an impact you've made in 2019!

    This season, we featured four success stories on our holiday cards. These young people have been successful this year because of some of the resources we provide at the Cov. Read more below about how DreamCatcher, Hollywood’s art and music room, and Oakland’s outdoor atrium made an impact on just some of our youth!


    Joey’s Success Story

    Joey arrived at the Cov feeling lost and alone.

    He found comfort in our music room that inspired him to write lyrics about his struggles as well as his determination for a new path.

    Joey now practices with the CHC House Band twice a week and is enrolled as a Music major at the local college.

    Kerrie’s Success Story

    Kerrie found peace when she walked into the atrium at our Oakland campus.

    The peacefulness was different than her life with her family who constantly fought.

    Today, Kerrie spends her mornings sitting in the same atrium and planning her day as a marketing intern for a local company.

    Brenda’s Success Story

    Brenda came to DreamCatcher, a program of Covenant House California, to feel safe and sleep in a warm bed.

    She is proud to now be able to help others as a Case Manager who dream about their future filled with well-being, security, and self-esteem.

    Marcus’s Success Story

    Marcus was a football player, not an artist, when he graduated high school.

    Suddenly, his life changed when his mom left with her boyfriend and never came home.

    He arrived at the Cov understandably upset. While trying to find some hope, he discovered how healing art can be, and began to believe in himself and his future.