This Valentine’s Day, show your love for youth overcoming homelessness.

    Our days at Covenant House are filled with love.

    Love for ourselves.
    Love and compassion for others.
    Love for the future filled with hope and joy.

    Your gift of any amount will go towards:

    • mental health services
    • cultural and spiritual well-being groups
    • entrepreneurial workshops
    • self-esteem building classes
    • and more!

    Share the love.

    Post one of our virtual Valentine’s Day cards by right clicking an image below, saving it, and posting to your favorite social media accounts. Which one speaks love to you?


    Post along with the image:
    “It’s important to me that our young people feel worthy of love. I supported Covenant House California by making a donation that will help provide campus activities like cultural, spiritual, and motivational speaking events. Now that’s LOVE!”


    Post along with the image:
    “Youth overcoming homelessness aren’t always so fortunate to have such high self-esteem. It comes from a place of love that makes us feel confident in ourselves. I commit to these young people by making a donation to Covenant House California. Let’s stand by them as they see their true potential.”


    Post along with the image:
    “This Valentine’s Day, have a heart for youth overcoming homelessness. At Covenant House California, they make an effort to provide these young people with services to support a healthy mindset. I am proud to support a cause that is all about love.”