Can I Share My Story With You?

    When I came to the Cov, all I had on me were the items pictured above.

    What I had on me…A picture of my Great-Grandma Joyce. I always wanted to be just like her.  //  I was so excited to buy this sports bra but the elastic on the straps are already showing.  //  My only pair of shoes. They look ok but the soles have worn down so much I slip a lot.  //  A sweater with a hole in it. I don’t have much else to keep me warm.  //  A toothbrush. My grandparents always stressed the importance of a smile no matter where life takes you.  //  A grey purse. It makes me feel pretty and grown up.

    I was scared and people kept approaching me to make money some easy way. After spending weeks on the street, I had almost given up. Nobody would care if I was gone, right? As soon as I sat down on the cold concrete to figure out what to do, a van pulled up.

    People from Covenant House California greeted me and made me feel safe. They asked if I needed help. And I did. More than ever.

    The next day, I walked into their building and never looked back! I was so close to finding an easy way out that I knew wasn’t good.

    My life is worth something. And so are all the other young people out there who need that chance.

    As the year ends, please make a donation to help youth experiencing homelessness and human trafficking.

    Hope for 2020!