Covenant House California is ACTIVELY serving nearly 5,000 youth a year who are experiencing homelessness across the state in Los Angeles, Oakland, and Berkeley. Simultaneously, there are over 10,000 youth experiencing homelessness, each night in CA, who don’t have a safe place to sleep. Their need for shelter, sustenance, medical attention, sanctuary, and support has not quelled in the midst of social distancing and the shuttering of non-essential businesses; IT HAS DRASTICALLY INCREASED.


    1. Make a donation. Any amount will have an impact on our youth. Today and the days to follow.
    2. Visit our in-kind donation page. If you are looking for a quick, tangible way to support our young people, choose the campus you’d like to support, and the items from Amazon or Target will be directly sent to us.
    3. Become a Youth Champion. Consider making a monthly gift that will consistently support helping youth experiencing homelessness.
    4. Sleep Out. If you didn’t have a chance to participate in our virtual Sleep Out, you can still help us reach our goal.

    We will not stop doing this work. We have made that commitment to the youth we serve and, frankly, to the communities we serve. In a time when everything changes in the course of 24 hours, this funding allows us to rapidly target funding to emergencies as they arise.

    We are PROUD to continue serving our young people and grateful for your support.