"Growing up, I didn't think I'd be much of anything. My dad left when I was little and my mom wasn't that warm and fuzzy person you see on tv. She was, and probably still is, an alcoholic who didn't want to be bothered with back to school nights. When I would look around on campus and see girls with new clothes, that first day back, I would pretend to not care but I wanted a new pair of jeans.

    When I would get home, I didn't have someone checking in on me to do my homework. All I wanted to do was to be away from the loud screams and constant remarks of disappointment. So, I left.

    At 18, just a few months before graduating, I went to live on the streets with a friend. From there, I got sucked into the cold, long nights surrounded by every drug imaginable. Thankfully, Covenant House California's Outreach Team found me and gave me hope. They took me in and made me feel like their own. I got a shower and actually got to eat a warm meal.

    The Cov provided me a new path to finding who I truly could be! With the help of a counselor, I got to graduate high school, received career guidance, learned how to put together a resume and apply for a job, and even was given a pair of fancy work pants and shoes for my first interview. I now work as an assistant for a small non-profit who helps alcoholics. Can you believe it?? I have a job, a paycheck, a roof over my head, and a new life ahead of me.

    From the bottom of my heart, thank you Covenant House!" - Sarah