Over the course of the spring, we saw dramatic increases in outreach contacts, meals served, clinic visits, and emergency overnights for youth at our already-at-capacity shelters.

    While always disheartening, we were eager to fully engage these youth and demonstrate to them that they deserve more, and even more eager to aid them as they get what they deserve: Absolute respect, unconditional love, and a trajectory that harnesses their strengths and ideas.

    Serving young people while they shelter at their Cov home requires more staff, more food, more program supplies…more of everything.

    Any donation you make will be TRIPLED through June 30th, up to $150,000!

    Your generous donation of:

    – $35 will feed a young person for a week

    – $200 covers the increase in cleaning costs and supplies for a day

    – $1,200 covers the increase for an entire day of care to our whole Cov family

    We worked hard to give our young people an environment of care and support in a time of social distancing. We sought to give solace to the more than half of our youth who worked so hard to secure employment and their own apartment, only to lose their job. We navigated the difficult waters of providing meaningful engagement to youth on the street while not being able to give a simple hug or pat on the back. At its core, our work is based on familial contact, and COVID-19 really tested our ability to do that. But we did it.

    You are our partners, and it is your presence, attention, and generosity that has allowed us to keep our safe havens, vans, cafeterias, and clinics open in the face of overwhelming demand. In light of the last few months, it would have been understandable to close a program or initiate restrictions on the care we provide. We did not do that – we served more youth and did so with a courage that comes from knowing we are doing the right thing and that we have the support of people like you.

    So we can continue providing more, make your best gift today to help cover the deficit before June 30, and it will be TRIPLED!