Make a promise today to help our resilient young people.

    Covenant House California’s mission has always been dedicated to protecting and safeguarding all youth in need. Over the course of this past year, we have continued serving our youth without stopping a single program, keeping our youth sheltered in a home filled with stability and love, providing necessary and life-saving medical assistance, and serving more meals as youth chose to stay safe and on campus.

    Thanks to a few anonymous donors, any donation you make will be DOUBLED through June 30th, up to $100,000!

    While vaccines are being administered and safety protocols are still in place, we look to our future and the impact this past year has had on our young people.

    Our youth were let go of their very first jobs. Educational classes were paused. More and more young people looked to the Cov for support from being displaced from their homes due to financial reasons or even the heartbreaking passing of a loved one.

    We need your help more than ever before as our youth get back on their feet. To continue providing these vital services will you provide a MATCHING GIFT of $25, $50, or even $100?

    Youth like Elijah, who was sleeping in his car after losing his job. He reached out to Covenant House California determined to not allow the pandemic define him. 

With the help of the Cov staff and setting personal goals of his own, within just a few months, Elijah found not one but two jobs! His hard work paid off and in only a year, he had saved $12,000 and was able to move into his very own apartment!

    With you by our side, we can build on the progress we have made so far:

    + Less than 2% of our youth have tested positive for COVID-19 (compared to a rate of 9% for California overall) which speaks directly to our selfless frontline and maintenance staff.

    + Securing additional and enhancing our current properties to ensure even more youth are served this year and years to come. More beds mean more youth are able to receive the care they need and the stability to get them what they deserve—opportunities to pursue their dreams.

    + Throughout the statewide shelter-in-place, we made it a priority to supply our young people with not only nourishing meals and a warm bed but mental health resources such as therapy sessions and yoga classes to develop a healthy, mindful lifestyle.

    Your matching gift today can have a life-changing impact. Our young people have dreams and aspirations. They simply need a helping hand, positive reinforcement, and the security of having a place to call home.