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Housing Programs

This year Covenant House California provided 83,329 nights of housing for young people experiencing homelessness in California.


Nights of Housing


Youth slept in a Covenant House Bed Each Night


Youth Served in Residential Programs

Housing Programs

Safe Haven

Shelter Housing

Our emergency shelter programs, where CHC immediately provides for youths’ basic human needs and urgent medical care. They receive a nutritious meal, take a shower with new personal care products, receive new clothes, and sleep in a warm, safe bed. They are then connected to supportive services that will help them thrive.

Rights of Passage

Two-Year on-site transitional living program

CHC’s transitional housing program allows young people to refine their independent living skills. For up to two years, they live on campus healing from the trauma they suffered on the streets. They learn to save money and budget to pay rent, utilities and other necessities. They save their money for their first apartment and focus on earning a living wage. During this time they heal from the trauma they endured on the streets as they learn life skills, focus on earning a living wage, and save up money for their first apartment.

Supportive Apartment Programs

Two-Year off-site transitional living program

Youth with a higher level of life skills are placed into our Supportive Apartment program, which provides financial assistance to youth living in off-campus apartments. During their stay CHC provides an ever-lowering percentage of their rent until they are paying the full amount. Youth in this program are responsible for the rest of their bills and personal expenses are continue to have access to all of CHC’s supportive services.

H2O Hope2Opportunity

Permanent housing, supported by CHC up to 24 months, before youth takes over

H20 is CHC’s Rapid Re-Housing program which features short-term housing assistance along with all of CHC’s supportive services. Case managers work with youth and local landlords to find appropriate apartments, then assist youth with move-in costs, rental assistance and weekly case management to ensure success. After two years youth take over their apartment leases.