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Our Stories

Read about some of our highlighted youth and staff

Meet Eddie

Eddie, once a homeless youth deeply entrenched in the Child Welfare system, initially struggled to adapt after arriving at our facility, CHC. Tormented by guilt over leaving his family on the streets and skeptical of adult support, Eddie remained withdrawn. However, after 17 months at CHC, his outlook transformed. He has built trusting relationships with staff and peers, completed job training programs, obtained forklift certification and a security guard card, and is now employed full-time. With his first $200 saved and enrollment in Five Keys Charter School, Eddie is not just surviving; he is actively planning for a stable, fulfilling future.

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Meet Zuri, 23

Zuri, came to us after being attacked on the streets in the Bay Area. She was scared and tired of living day-to-day without a sense of security. Our Safe Haven program staff instantly surrounded her with love, gave her a warm meal and clean clothes, and provided her with a bed to make her feel safe. Zuri was able to rest, heal, and restore. Throughout this quiet time, she began to believe in herself and focused on finding her way. With the help of some of our staff, she found a job as an in-home health aid and ended up unselfishly helping a patient who was COVID-19 positive. While quarantined at the Cov, Zuri was determined, now more than ever, to work hard and move out on her own. Guiding her was one of our Rapid Re-housing Case Managers who successfully found and helped Zuri move into her very first apartment! Today, Zuri has a steady job in the health industry, a safe place to call home, and overwhelming pride in herself.

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Meet Ashley Burns, Staff

Meet Ashley Burns, CHC’s Director of DreamCatcher. Ashley has had a passion for helping young people all her life.  Being able to motivate young people to believe they deserve more in life, is just one part of the job that brings her and her staff joy. “Watching them grow into their personality and into their job brings a smile to my heart.” Ashley works closely with her team to not only provide a dignified place for the youth to live but to also encourage them to find a job by giving them the tools they need to retain that job.

“Seeing how far a youth has come is the most exciting part of the future of our youth.”, says Ashley. “I always tell our youth, whatever you do be consistent.” She makes sure that every youth is ready for the next step and checks in on them every step of the way.

Ashley’s loving spirit and excitement for our mission brings so much to the Cov family!

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