Eddie spent much of his life in the Child Welfare system when he wasn’t living on the streets with his family. Our Street Outreach team knew his family well and often stopped by their encampment to bring them basic needs items. After three years, Eddie eventually made his way to our facility, but struggled with feeling guilty that his family remained on the street.

    Early in his stay with us, Eddie would regularly try to help his family by bringing food provided to him at CHC, doing their laundry at CHC and would give them any money he earned. Eddie had difficulty believing that adults would take care of him, and kept to himself for a very long time, not trusting or engaging much with his peers or staff members.

    Over time, Eddie has developed positive relationships with staff and peers. He has maintained his housing at CHC for 17 months, was involved in job preparation trainings, worked on his resume, went to job fairs, took a forklift training class and was certified, received his guard card and is now currently employed! He is working 40 hours a week and he has started his savings with his first $200.00. Eddie has also enrolled in Five Keys Charter School to complete his high school education. He is committed to his education and job and is beginning to do what has never been a focus in his life… planning for a stable future!

    Zuri, 23

    Zuri, came to us after being attacked on the streets in the Bay Area. She was scared and tired of living day-to-day without a sense of security. Our Safe Haven program staff instantly surrounded her with love, gave her a warm meal and clean clothes, and provided her with a bed to make her feel safe. Zuri was able to rest, heal, and restore. Throughout this quiet time, she began to believe in herself and focused on finding her way. With the help of some of our staff, she found a job as an in-home health aid and ended up unselfishly helping a patient who was COVID-19 positive. While quarantined at the Cov, Zuri was determined, now more than ever, to work hard and move out on her own. Guiding her was one of our Rapid Re-housing Case Managers who successfully found and helped Zuri move into her very first apartment! Today, Zuri has a steady job in the health industry, a safe place to call home, and overwhelming pride in herself.

    Rafael Robledo, Staff

    “Seeing the smiles on our youth’s faces when I take them on an outing to the beach, or when they perform a song, maybe for their first time, and forget in that moment what they’ve been through,” Rafael Robledo, CHC’s Activities Coordinator, shared, “It’s the very best part of my job.”  For youth, these activities teach healthy methods of expressing feelings – something that is commonly lost on the streets.

    The most interesting office on campus –filled with flags, figurines, and art supplies -belongs to Rafael.   Always within his eyeshot, though, on his desk, is a rock.  The rock serves as a reminder of why he continues to champion homeless youth. “A few years ago, I took a group on an outing to Malibu.  Just as we were getting ready to leave, a youth told me that he had never been to the beach in his life, “ says Rafael.  The youth shared, “Rafael, I am giving you this rock with holes in it to remember me by, and to thank you for bringing me to the beach.  This rock is like my heart -full of holes.”

    Years later, that youth returned to visit Rafael and asked if he remembered that day.  And with a big smile, Rafael Pointed to the rock on his desk.

    Nikki Sixx, Donor

    In 2007, Nikki Sixx released his NY Times bestselling memoir, The Heroin Diaries chronicling his worst year of addiction in the mid-80’s during which he overdosed, was clinically dead for several minutes and which ultimately lead to his path of recovery. Today, Nikki has been sober for 17 years.

    Coinciding with the release of the Heroin Diaries in 2007, Nikki partnered with Covenant House California, Los Angeles to pay forward his good fortune and create a music room for the homeless youth finding shelter at the Covenant House campus. The music program that’s been put into place as a result has been Covenant House’s most successful and popular program amongst its residents to date.

    In October 2017, Nikki proudly presented his first ever photography exhibition in partnership with Leica Camera. He has often called photography “his new drug that has replaced addiction in his life and helped keep him sober”. Nikki once again partnered with Covenant House to raise money to create a Photography Room and program to benefit the residents of Covenant House California, Los Angeles and expand the creative endeavors of the organization. Nikki shared, “Looking forward to expanding the music program we have here to other locations and building another program to inspire these beautiful kids to express themselves creatively.”