This Thanksgiving, show our young people you are still by their side.

    Like you, we long to share this holiday season with family and friends. A time spent reflecting on the year
    before, surrounding yourself with great company, and enjoying a warm meal.

    And, although, this year may be different for all of us, it is still a time where we are able to be grateful for all of our blessings.

    This inviting place of unconditional love is what our young people have always wanted—especially now. While we may be disappointed in not having a traditional, in-person Thanksgiving this year, the youth we serve are worried about losing their newly found jobs, finding somewhere safe to shelter in place, and if they will sadly contract the coronavirus. Their holidays are not only different but most likely not celebrated at all.

    Right now, there are more and more youth we serve at Covenant House California who are experiencing homelessness and trafficking.

    But, with your generosity, we can show them they will always have a place to be safe, loved, and celebrated for who they are.

    This March, Marcus, a Covenant House California resident, found himself not feeling very well. He instantly worried that he may have somehow contracted COVID-19. Feelings of safety and security enveloped him and he knew that he had to tell a staff member to ensure he did not get anyone else sick. Upon getting a positive result, Marcus was given his own room away from other residents, wholesome meals and vitamins to keep him healthy, and games to keep him occupied. Staff consistently checked on him, from afar, to keep his spirits up while his health improved. While he was quarantined, his mindset always stayed positive.

    Marcus shared, “During that time I didn’t take it like a huge hit. I had to do what I had to do. I was about to get a job in security to save for housing but I couldn’t keep my position. But, just like all the other residents, we always said coronavirus will not stop us from doing what we have to do. I’m on the right path.”

    After a few weeks, Marcus was tested again and the results thankfully came back negative. Through our robust CDC-guided safety plan, we have administered over 1300 COVID-19 tests with positive rates of less than 1% for staff and less than 1.62% for youth. These numbers speak directly to the Cov’s consistent testing, safety protocols, and love for one another.

    Even in the midst of a pandemic, we are continuing to make good on our promise to serve even more youth experiencing homelessness and trafficking. More youth are on campus, daily, so we had to increase staffing costs by 25%, from April through August, to help our young people feel safe. Cleaning costs have increased by 50% as we make sure we have enough supplies and housekeeping protocols in place. Due to the number of youth out of work and on campus, and the additional young people we serve through our street outreach, meals served has increased by 40 percent. We need your help today.

    Every dollar counts and makes a difference. In addition, to directly funding the services, food, sheets, blankets, bus passes, and mentoring that provides normalcy, your gifts demonstrate to our youth that they needn’t have met you to know that you care about them, their dreams, and their abilities. As we find ourselves in this season of thanksgiving, we want to make sure you know how thankful we are for you—those who make this work possible.